Otherwise, check below information carefully before applying!

We will invite candidates to attend the VSSS’09 as the official students. It means the application is highly competitive. Therefore, please carefully read our instruction to prepare your application, and submit your application in time (no late application is accepted for any reason). An assessment committee reviews all profiles to grade the merit and suitableness of each applicant, and only top candidates are selected to attend the summer school.

The summer school opens free of charge for all selected students. The students who complete all the courses and lectures will be conferred a certificate by the school committee. There will have travel grant for some official students, who are far from the VSSS’09 location and are in financial difficulty, selected to award a travel scholarship. 

Before filling in the application form, please make sure that the following documents are prepared ready:

(1) Motivation letter;

(2) Your academic CV with a portrait photo;

(3) A file that contains evidences of your academic achievements (e.g. lists of publications, scanned of certificates, etc);

(4) Financial support application letter if you wish to apply for a travel grant. Please be aware that travel grants are limited.


  • Documents (1) and (2) are compulsory and must be included in a single file (for example, motivation letter appears in first page and CV appears in following pages);
  • Document (3) is only required if you declared any academic achievements in the application form. Lack of this evident file may lead to misunderstanding your achievements;
  • Document (4) is only required if you request financial aid for travel;
  • Documents may be either in Vietnamese or English however English is preferred. Please prepare all documents in PDF, or DOC, or DOCX formats (PDF is preferred).

If you prepare everything ready, please CLICK HERE to apply


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