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DR. NGUYEN NGOC ANH Director and Chief Economist of DEPOCEN

He owned his Bachelor of Arts (honors) from Hanoi Foreign Trade University in 1993, and his Master and PhD degrees both from Lancaster University (UK). His foci are international business and economics.

DR. GIAP VAN DUONG Director of GiapSchool

He got his Bachelor of Engineering from Hanoi University of Technology in 1999, Master of Engineering from Chonbuk National University (South Korea) in 2002 and PhD from the Vienna University of Technology (Austria) in 2006. His areas of expertise consist of magnetic materials, material physics and nanophysics.

DR. NGUYEN DUC DZUNG Lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology

He graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi with Bachelor degree (Honors Program) in 2001. He was then awarded PhD in Physics from the Osaka University (Japan) in 2009. His interests involve transmission electron microscopy and nano-ananlysis applied to nanomaterials, and technology transferring

DR. TRAN TRONG DUONG Researcher at the Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences

He graduated with the Bachelor and Master of Linguistics and Literature in 2002 and 2005, respectively, from Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Ph.D. of Linguistics and Literature from Graduate Academy of Social Sciences in 2011. His major is historical linguistics, religious symbolics, and Vietnamese medieval history.

DR. LUU QUANG HUNG Researcher at National University of Singapore

He completed his Bachelor of Science (from Honors Program) at Vietnam National University, Hanoi in 2004 and PhD from Kyoto University (Japan) in 2012.

DR. NGUYEN TO LAN Researcher at the Institute of Sino-Nom Studies, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences

She obtained her Bachelor and Master degrees in Linguistics and Literature from College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University Hanoi in 2003 and 2006 respectively, and graduated from another Bachelor program in Chinese Linguistics from College of Languages and International Studies at the same university in 2007. She then received the Ph.D. in Linguistics and Literature from the Graduate Academy of Social Science

DR. DANG VAN SON Director of S3 Academy for Creation, Lecturer of Vietnam National University, Hanoi

He hold a PhD supported from Marie Curie FP6 program undertaking at the University of Birmingham (UK) in 2011

DR. NGO DUC THE Researcher at the University of Manchester, United Kingdom

He graduated from Vietnam National University, Hanoi with a BSc. degree in Physics in 2004. He then obtained his PhD in Physics and Astronomy from University of Glasgow (UK) in 2010. His research focuses on advanced structural nano characterisation by electron microscopy and nano materials.

DR. NGUYEN DUC THANH President, Vietnam Institute for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR), VNU University of Economics anf Business.

He graduated from National Economics University, Hanoi, Vietnam with Bachelor degree in Banking Economics with Highest Distinction in 1999. He then received his Master in Development Economics (The Vietnam-Netherlands Project for Master’s Program in Development Economics, Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands & National Economics University, Vietnam), his PhD in Development Economics, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), Tokyo, Japan in 2001 and 2008. Besides, he is a member of the Macroeconomic Advisory Group (MAG) of the National Assembly’s Economic Committee; member of the Macroeconomic Advisory Group for the Prime Minister.


She owned her Engineer degree from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology (AUF excellent program) since 2006. She then received her Master (AgroSup Dijon, France),Administration, France) in 2007, 2010 and 2011 respectively. Prior to joining Vietnam - France University since January 2013, she gained her Post-Doctoral experience on Plant metabolic engineering at the French National Center for Scientic Research (CNRS) from 2011 to 2012. She is actually a lecturer- researcher at department of Biotechnology and Pharmacology at Vietnam - France University where she leads the teaching and research into Plant biotechnology, more specifically focused on Rice Functional genomics and rice genetic diversity. From 2016, she is Principal Investigator of a NAFOSTED project work on the plant defense system via Jasmonic Acid pathway.