In a unique adventure in the scientific world, the Association “Rencontres du Vietnam” under the direction of its founder Jean Tran Thanh Van, has developed a close network of international cooperation for scientific research around the entire world for almost 20 years. It organizes high-level Conferences in Vietnam which attract research scientists from developed and emerging nations allowing young Asian students to meet with top scientists all the way to Nobel Laureates.

Beyond the scientific and bilateral rapprochement between France and Vietnam, and beyond that of Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, the creation of this Center represents an extraordinary opportunity for a limited number of founding partners to associate themselves with a project of high cultural, scientific, and educational value, which has already received the support of the Vietnamese government.

To promote North-South cooperation and develop education through a privileged partnership.
The rapid economic development of emerging nations in the Asian-Pacific zone generally contrasts with their level of scientific and technological development. The increasing awareness of this gap has resulted in the high demand for collaborations, in fundamental research as much as in technological transfers and applications, which today opens up a large range of potential cooperation in Asia.

It is well known that this region of the world is characterized by the youth of its population, and by the constant progress achieved in university education. To give opportunities to students from all these countries to take part in scientific projects with a strong international dimension constitutes an issue and a challenge of first rate importance for the countries and institutions involved as much as for the individuals concerned.

To help the emerging nations to develop their potential fully, one must consider the scientific instruction of their youth; and in this aspect the developed nations can play a major role. Their actions will serve to define the adaptation of new technologies to different economic, social, and environmental contexts, and this effort will open up new industrial and commercial opportunities.

It is in this spirit – which involves both cooperation and education – that the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Science and Education (ICISE) was created: young research scientists and engineers specializing in different fields, will be able to exchange ideas and experiences, in a propitious atmosphere to the development of their knowledge and the enrichment of their personalities.