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Hiện nay hệ thống đang được cập nhật! Xin vui lòng quay lại tìm hiểu thêm khi có thông báo mới! Trong lúc chờ đợi bạn có thể nghiên cứu kỹ hơn tại mục FAQs trước khi chuẩn bị hồ sơ.


To apply for our summer school, you must:

  • Be between 16 to 40 years old; and
  • Be either a research scientist, academic or research staff from higher education institutions (university, college), high-school teachers, graduate (MSc., Ph.D.,..) student, undergraduate students or even high-school pupil ( who does NOT hold any doctoral degree)
  • Be passionate about science and research
  • Have a good studying record
  • Have a certain research experience (not mandatory)

In order to join the summer school, you are required to submit an application for our consideration. The application package consists of:

  • A curriculum vitae (CV – the academic format is preferred) with a portrait photo
  • A cover letter explaining how you love research and fit our program
  • A letter to explain why you require financial support for travel (only needed if you apply for travel financial support)

All documents must be prepared in the format of PDF, or DOC, or DOCX. When you prepare your application package ready, please submit your application on this website via the link here. We will start receiving an application from xx/x/2020 (Monday), and the application system will close after xx/x/2020 (Sunday).